The Best of Modular Furnitures

The best part about having a modular office is that you will be able to utilize the less amount of space that you have for an office very easily by using the right kind of furniture, and you will actually be able to create many kinds of different environments instead of just the one kind.

We are the Pioneer of Office Interior

Decor-x is a reputed manufacturer of office modular furniture, which is being used in corporate offices. True synonym of quality and reliability, our modular office furniture are constructed with standardized units or dimensions allowing flexibility and variety in use.

Our Design Creativity and More

Interior is not just decorating your place. It's making your place as life demands. Style signature is an improtant part but not the least. Proper space management, durability, security & decoration are the prime concern for our work. Our professional designers and advanced machinery able to serve you the most appropriate desired place.

Vision & Values

We design and develop open plan office systems for all kinds of corporate, MNC,s and PSU's offices. Since the cost of commercial space is being enhanced every year, the open office systems are being designed considering the highest level of optimization of space. It is so flexible , can be easily installed, modified and dismantled without pinching your pocket much , need very less time and labour for shifting and re installation. Open plan office system has been proved extremely helpful to improve the transparency, inter communication among employee and integrity.

    Why Us?

  • 100% eco friendly
  • Efficient Production with own manufacturing setup enhanced with cutting-edge European machinery technology
  • Customisation of products as per clients’ requirements
  • Faster delivery of projects
  • Wide range of latest designer products in multiple colour schemes
  • Best services to offer with free consultancy for projects
  • Highly efficient and creative designers
  • Competitive pricing

progress Work processes

Each of our interior project is divided into separate phases. Each phase contains distinguished set of work. We don't move to next phase until the previous phase is perfectly complete and satisfactory.

progressDedicated Team

We appoint a dedicated team for each project. Step by step followup and to set up complete communication to answer all of your why(s).

progressLive presentation

We are iconic company in modular furniture world. We serve with glory to our entire client. Our stunning design makes you speechless.